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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The House On Malcolm Street

I have been a big fan of Leisha Kelly's ever since I picked up Julia’s Hope a few years ago.

Her newest book, The House on Malcolm Street, left me hoping that there will be a second book continuing the story of Leah Breckenridge. This is a heart wrenching story of tragedy and loss as well as the hope that can spring from the depths of grief. What endeared me to Leah was her will to keep moving, in spite of her brokenness and vulnerability. 

While adjusting to the unexpected loss of her husband and young son, Leah forces herself to not give in to the dark shadows of grief and depression threatening to swallow her.  She does her best to keep going for the sake of her 6 year old daughter, Eliza, the only bright spot Leah has in her life. With nowhere to go and no means of supporting herself, Leah accepts an invitation from her late husband’s aunt Marigold, to come and stay at the boarding house Marigold owns.  

Though Leah never intends to stay for long, she finds comfort in knowing that she has a safe place to regroup and get back on her own two feet.  At the boarding house Leah finds that she’s not the only one dealing with loss and somehow manages to reach out to others during her own time of need. The end of this story was surprising because it didn’t go the way I thought it would.  I am always impressed when authors throw in a twist and keep the readers hooked.  Not only do I love that Leisha Kelly set this story in the 1920’s (one of my favorite eras to read about), I enjoyed how real she made each character and their struggles.  

It is so easy to get lost in her books - I’ve never met a book by Leisha Kelly that I didn’t enjoy!  I highly recommend this book.

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