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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love's First Bloom

Love’s First Bloom is the second book I’ve read by Delia Parr.  I have to agree with my fellow reviewers who enjoyed her previous book, Hearts Awakening more than her newest title.   Although this story had an unusual plot and the author included some interesting twists, this book was much harder for me to get into. 

Love’s First Bloom centers around Ruth Livingstone, daughter of the controversial Reverend Gersham Livingstone, who has to leave her hometown of New York City and go into hiding when her father is falsely accused of murdering a prostitute.  As her father is being put on trial for the murder of prostitute Rosalie Peale, Ruth abides by her father’s wishes and takes Rosalie’s 18 month old daughter (Lily) and travels to New Jersey where she’s taken in by the Garners, a middle aged couple who respect her father and his ministry.

While the Garners’ believe they are opening their home to a former prostitute, they have no idea that Ruth is only posing as a former “fallen angel” and unwed mother.  Ruth must conceal her true identity and wait for her father’s name to be cleared, before moving back to New York City.

Although I enjoy historical romance and fiction, at times I found the book confusing and hard to follow.  More than once I questioned the believability of the storyline.  I truly enjoyed Delia Parr’s previous book and so maybe I was spoiled after reading Hearts Awakening. I do give the author credit for writing a clean, wholesome romance and I hope to see more titles by Delia Parr in the future.

This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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