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Monday, November 15, 2010

Uncertain Heart

The year is 1866 and Missouri native, Sarah McCabe, finds herself unexpectedly relocating to Milwaukee, Wisconsin after a misunderstanding.  

Having previously arrived in Chicago, Sarah is forced to try and find another job when she discovers that the teaching position she thought she had is already filled.  Determined not to return home to the farm life that she detests, Sarah spends every last cent she has on a hotel room, while scouring the local newspapers for employment.  Sarah answers an ad for a governess position with a widower in Milwaukee and plans to spend the summer there while waiting for an opening at the music academy in the fall.

It becomes obvious that her new boss (Mr. Sinclair) is a bit absent minded when Sarah is left waiting at the train station on the day of her arrival.  In an attempt to track him down, Sarah walks to his place of business only to be told that Captain Sinclair is out for the day.  Thankfully, the captain’s steward, Richard Navis is holding down the fort and comes to Sarah’s rescue.  Not only is Richard kind, competent and able to put Sarah at ease – most importantly, he shares her faith.  Richard is down to earth and reminds Sarah of her brothers at home, and they easily slip into a comfortable friendship while Sarah acclimates to her new surroundings.

As the story evolves and both men show an interest in Sarah, she comes to a crossroads and finds herself trying to decide between luxury, social status and a life of financial ease that Captain Sinclair offers or only the simple foundation of shared faith that Richard can give her.  Although Captain Sinclair is terse, insensitive at times and arrogant, he’s also a complete contrast to the honest, hard working, dependable Richard whom Sarah can’t seem to make up her mind about.  

To the reader it’s obvious which man she should choose and at times I felt myself wanting to give her a good shake and yell “Wake up!!”   LOL  

This story is a great example of why we should write our plans in pencil – God has a way of changing things!.

Follow up book to Unwilling Warrior, Uncertain Heart is sure to please fans of Andrea Boeschaar.  I recommend this book especially if you’re looking for a new author to read in the historical Christian romance genre.

This book was provided free for review by Glass Road Public Relations.

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