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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Words by Ginny Yttrup

Again, the haunted eyes of the child I saw yesterday come to mind. 
What has she survived that her young eyes reflect fear rather than the playful innocence one might expect to see from a child hiding in a tree? 
And why am I compelled to find out?   
 Isn’t it possible that I just startled her yesterday? 
But my instinct tells me there’s something more.

This is the type of story that resonates with you long after you’ve closed the book. 

Words is the first novel that Ginny Yttrup has written and it encompasses a lifetime of her own personal pain and shame.  At times, it’s almost too painful to read.  While not overly graphic, it does tackle the very sensitive issue of sexual abuse and readers can’t help but ache for Kaylee, the young victim in this story.

Ten year old Kaylee Wren has lost her voice – both figuratively and literally.  The trauma and abuse she has suffered at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, has turned her into a shell of a young girl.  Withdrawn and silent, Kaylee spends her days listening and waiting for her abuser to come home; huddling in a corner hoping this time he won’t see her. 

Kaylee’s mother, a drug addict, is nowhere to be found.  Kaylee hopes and prays that if she waits long enough, her mother will remember to come back for her and take her away from the nightmare. 

Sierra Dawn is a middle age artist, haunted by the death of her baby girl.  Twelve years have passed, yet Sierra continues to be tormented by the choices she’s made.  Alone and withdrawn, she throws herself into her artwork as a means of releasing some of her painful emotions.  Sierra keeps a safe emotional distance from those around her – even the people she loves.  And she definitely keeps her distance from God.  She’s too scared of being hurt again to take a risk on love and has built a very high wall around her heart.

By divine intervention, the lives of Sierra and Kaylee become intertwined and readers are taken on a journey of hope, survival and restoration.  Though the journey is painful and the process hard, God’s love is very evident all throughout this book.

A powerful, moving story that readers will quickly connect with – I highly recommend this book.

An advanced review copy of this book was provided free for review by B&H Publishing Group

*Words is scheduled to be released on February 1, 2011.   
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