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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Flightplan, written by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady, is an easy to read, informative guide to help young men navigate the journey as they become adult men. 

Each chapter has questions for discussion to help reinforce the points made by the authors along with inspirational quotes.  The entire feel of the book is very masculine and as the title hints, the book is written along the lines of a pilot’s flight manual.  

With chapter titles like Buckle Up, On Course or Off Course, Cabin Pressure, Afterburners On, etc., young men are easily able to relate to the authors and likewise, the authors are able to engage and maintain the reader's interest.  

The overall theme of the book is to help young men develop a God centered life and stay “on course” as they live their lives according to God’s Word.  Many important and relevant issues are addressed in this book and parents who have trouble communicating with their sons may find this book to be a great conversation starter.

Parents do need to be aware that this book includes information which may be too explicit for a reader (or a parent) who is not ready for this level of straight talk.  

Chapter 8 openly addresses sexual issues and while it is written tastefully for the most part, some of the descriptions of sex and the topics get a bit graphic.  Parents should read this book before giving it to their teen to make sure that the information and advice presented in this book go along with what they themselves want to teach their child.  

It may be information overload for teens and parents who are not prepared to be this frank or straight forward about sex.  Compared to what most teens have already seen through various forms of media, this book is pretty tame but readers do need to be aware that the book is straight forward and descriptive.  

I think this book is a great resource for parents who may need some help in communicating with their sons about various issues.  I don’t recommend this as a small group study guide or for use with a ”group” of young men since some of the information presented is so sensitive and may not line up in 100% agreement with what is being taught in the home. 

Thanks to Audra Jennings at The B&B Media Group for my review copy of Flightplan

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