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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Izzy's Popstar Plan


Izzy Baxter has big plans—popstar plans.

Ever since she was six, she’s dreamed of becoming the world’s next singing sensation. Now sixteen, her singing career is on the rise, and she’s been selected to compete on the hit TV show International Popstar Challenge.

As Izzy performs in far off locations such as Tokyo and Paris, it seems as if her plans are coming off without a hitch. But God has plans of His own, and Izzy will soon discover that living for Him is “way cooler” than megastar fame.

Presented like a daily blog, set up like a devotional, and read like a novel—this book will be an instant hit with tween girls. This cutting edge new product will meet girls where they are, and girls will love following Izzy on her incredible adventure. Plus, they’ll get daily spiritual food to equip them on their own incredible adventure with God.

Cafe Lily's Review:

Tired of Hannah Montana?  16 year old Izzy Baxter may be your answer.   In her new book, Izzy relates to the pressures of teen life and gives young girls a wholesome role model to follow.  Inspiration for Izzy's character came when the author wanted to give his own tween daughters a message about God's faithfulness and His concern for their life.  This is the first book in a new series and is a combination of a devotional and novel.  The book is written based on Izzy's blog and offers scriptures and prayers as well.  The author hopes that this new book will be unique enough to inspire tweens to want to get into the Word of God.  No matter what Izzy faces or goes through in life, God is consistently with her, relaying to other teens as well that they are never alone. 

Most interesting about this book is that Izzy is a fictional character, but you begin to lose sight of that when you read her blog online, follow her on Twitter or Facebook.  Izzy seems so real and that's exactly what the author uses to keep tween/teen girls interested.  Look for Izzy's new book in January when she takes the world by storm!

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This book was provided free for review from Book Sneeze / Thomas Nelson Publishers

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