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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Plain & Simple Christmas

Amish themed books have long been best-sellers and with the holiday season in full swing, A Plain & Simple Christmas will no doubt join the list.  This book would make a wonderful gift for the reader on your Christmas list, especially if they are fans of Amish fiction.

Anna Mae McDonough left her home four years ago and married Kellan McDonough against the wishes of her family and the tenets of her faith.  Because of her choice, she has been shunned by her family and the Amish community she grew up in.  Now her first baby is due, the holidays are quickly approaching, and Anna begins to long for home.  With her husband’s support and the help of her sister-in-law back in Lancaster County, Anna begins to plan a trip home to reunite with her family, although chances are her father will never agree to see her.  Anna hopes and prays that her family will accept her back into their life and that her child will have the opportunity to experience all that Anna loves and misses about being Amish.

This story is perfect for the holiday season and is a good reminder of family, forgiveness and the simple things that make Christmas so meaningful.  

This book was provided free for review by Zondervan

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