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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Topkapi Secret

About the story:

American professor Angela Hall's world is falling apart. Left with two things: her money and her job, she sets out to research women's issues in The Middle East. Until she crosses paths with Mohammed Atareek...

Mohammed is a man on a mission. Raised in the Muslim faith, he has learned something no Muslim is supposed to know: the Koran of today is not the original. Could it be true? Mohammed will risk his life to find out.

When Angela's and Mohammed's worlds collide, sparks fly--both from their hearts and the tempers of the terrorists following them.

Cafe Lily's Review:
Predicted to be an international best seller, The Topkapi Secret has been the source of some controversy.  I did not enjoy reading this book for many reasons; the main one being that I am most definitely not the intended audience the author was writing for. 

Although the initial invitation to review this book interested me because of the subject matter, the further I read the more I realized I would not be able to recommend this book nor give it a positive review.  

While reviewers were cautioned that the novel had some abusive language there was no warning that this language would include the “F” word and the use of God’s name in vain which completely turned me off.  I found it unnecessary to the plot development, (profanity overkill) and annoying.  

Based on the language and sexual situations in the book, I would not purchase this book nor recommend it.  It was not what I expected and I would not have agreed to review it if I would've had more detailed information prior to receiving it.  The storyline was hard to follow and the chapters sometimes  felt nonsensical. 

Overall, there will be readers out there who will enjoy this book immensely, I am just not one of them.

For those who may be interested, there is an interview with the author posted HERE

This book was provided free for review by Glass Road Public Relations

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