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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Divine Appointments

Second book in the Snow Globe Connections series, Divine Appointments was an "average" read for me.  I was pretty disappointed with it, after enjoying Stray Affections so much.

If you missed the first book in the series (Stray Affections), you can check out my review here:

Some of the characters from the first book show up in this story, so it may be helpful to read this series in order just to keep up with the background.

Josie Brooks has convinced herself that she is very happy living the single life.  Working as a consultant who helps companies downsize during economic upheavals, Josie has earned herself the nickname of “Hatchet Hand”.  Ultra-uptight and independent, Josie doesn’t allow her roots to go deep anywhere.  She moves from town to town on temporary assignments streamlining businesses, orchestrating lay-offs (and firings) all the while maintaining a safe impersonal distance.

As she quickly approaches 50 and begins a serious inventory of her own life (complete with hot flashes), Josie starts to realize that maybe she isn’t as happy as she pretends to be.   Her current assignment with Diamond Mutual is getting under her skin and causing her to question just about everything.  The lifestyle and career that used to bring her so much satisfaction is no longer the balm it once was.  Always the outsider, Josie is lonely and unsure of what her future holds, while wielding the power to change the futures of others.
When the Vice President of Diamond Mutual (Lyle Waters) begins to creep into Josie’s thoughts, her confusion grows even deeper as she tries to write off the man she considers to be too sensitive and a bleeding heart.
This is a story of a woman with complex emotions who is trying to navigate the choppy waters of mid-life, menopause and emotional turmoil.  I did not enjoy it as much as the first title in the series, and didn't see the need for random interjections of mild language.  I found Stray Affections to be a more enjoyable story overall.

This book was provided free for review by Waterbook Multnomah.

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