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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And these are a few of my favorite things....

I’m a huge fan of coffee and tea and today’s review is about a few of my favorite teas.

When the weather turns cold, I’ve turned many times to my old standby, Twinings English Afternoon Tea.

If you can’t trust the British to make a fine tea, who can you trust?  lol   Lucky for me, tea is quite healthy because I drink way more than my fair share.  (In the summer, I love iced tea with a hint of spearmint or peppermint.) 

This simple, yet rich afternoon tea often finds its way into my travel mug but unlucky for me, it’s nearly impossible to find in my local stores.  Thankfully, I’ve got a connection near the Amish country who ships it to me and keeps my stash overflowing. 

That same wonderful friend sent me some heavenly Cinnamon Orange Market Spice Tea and I loved it! 

I did a little research on the company and found that they are located in Seattle, Washington.  Market Spice Tea began in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in 1911 and now offers a wide variety of spices, tea and more to their customers.  I had never heard of this tea, but am pretty excited to try out more of their flavors in the future.

It's also available in decaf!

Another company I recently discovered is Harney and Sons .

I love the story behind their Birthday Tea and bought some as a gift for someone this year.
When I placed my order for the Birthday Tea, the company included a sample of their Darjeeling which is quite possibly the best Darjeeling (also available in decaf) tea I’ve ever tasted. 

When master tea blender, John Harney turned 80, this tea was created in his honor.  What led to my discovery of this company was a sample of their Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, sent again, by my wonderful friend in Amish country.  It tastes just like a red hot candy – no sweetener needed!  This is the company’s most popular black tea and is also offered in decaf.

I definitely plan to order more and try some of their other flavors as well. They sell loose teas, as well as interesting looking “sachets” which are shaped almost like little pyramids.  Of course if you prefer a regular teabag, they have those too.   For those who are interested, Harney & Sons has kosher tea selections and both the Hot Cinnamon Spice and the Darjeeling are included in the kosher line.

If you have any other tried and true teas that you recommend, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know about it!