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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Courting Miss Amsel by Kim Vogel Sawyer



Kim Vogel Sawyer is one of my favorite authors because there’s no work involved when it comes to reading her stories.  I just fall right in and get lost in the pages, as Kim works her literary magic. 

Courting Miss Amsel was a delightful read and I enjoyed every minute of it!

This book is about Edythe Amsel, a young woman with progressive ideas and a passion to teach.  The quiet little town of Walnut Hill is quickly turned upside down with her arrival and her ideas.  Replacing the previous tyrannical teacher, Mr. Shanks, not only does Edythe make changes in school discipline, she also has big dreams of broadening her student’s views and empowering them with knowledge.  None of this goes over very well with some of the narrow-minded parents who want things to stay as they always have been. 

In the process of causing a stir, Edythe also gains the attention of most of the eligible bachelors who waste no time in vying for her affections.  She realizes very quickly that she must somehow convey the message that she is not interested in marriage, before she’s bombarded with male suitors. But as loudly as she protests, Edythe can’t deny her attraction to Joel Townsend, the handsome bachelor who is raising his two nephews.

A fun, fast paced read that will give fans of historical fiction and Kim’s books another reason to sing her praises.

This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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