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Monday, February 7, 2011

Someone's Son

Reading Brenda’s personal memoir was excruciating.  No one should ever have to go through what this mother did.  The fact that she not only survived her personal tragedy, but has now begun using it to help others is a testimony to the power of God in her life.  This book is not a sugar-coated story – it is very real, very graphic at times and painfully honest.  I respect Brenda most for the last chapter in the book where she admits her failures, regrets and what she would do differently if given the chance to parent her son all over again.  Every parent should read this book and take her message to heart.

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Someone's Son is a true story of a mother battling to rescue her prodigal son when God intervenes, reaching into the darkest of places to find a mother and her son who need Him desperately.

Rhodes takes you down a path of God's unfailing love and faithfulness to be able to see that no darkness can block out His plan of redemption. She brings readers to see, feel and taste the redemptive love and power of God, no matter what their circumstances or how they got there.

Someone's Son will touch your heart and stir your faith. Readers will come away with confidence that God can handle your darkest sins, your guilt, your regrets, your sorrow, or your pain.

This is an inspirational story you should not miss.
Brenda Rhodes is a retired co-owner of a successful family business, an amateur artist of ceramics and wall murals, a lover of children, an active member of her church and a compassionate friend to many. Her love for family is a strong passion in her life and holidays are very special events for her, especially Christmas.

In her younger years she married and had two children, a daughter Wendi and a son Ronal Paul. She is now single and has one living child, her daughter, who is married and one grandson and three step-grandchildren.

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