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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love Amid The Ashes


In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing       
                                                         Job 1:22

Love Amid The Ashes makes the story of Job come to life!  Biblical fiction is one of my favorite genres and I’ve read many books about various characters in the Bible but I don’t remember ever reading a story centered around Job.  The meticulous research and hard work of the author shines through in this captivating tale of romance and tragedy and makes this an easy book to read. 

Love Amid The Ashes was not only interesting and thought provoking, but very emotional as well. At times, I found it difficult to read, especially some of the more graphic details of Job's physical suffering. If you are not familiar with the story of Job, I would suggest reading the biblical account first and then reading this book. 

Although this is a fictional account it helped the story of Job became clearer and I was able to relate better to the characters having known some of the scriptural background.  Readers cannot help but grieve for Job and what he endures; the depth with which Mesu Andrews writes about his suffering and loss made me think harder about this character. 

If you think you know the age old story of Job well, this book puts new perspective on what Job may have endured and the complexities of his suffering. As a woman who suffers with chronic illness, Mesu was able to write a book about suffering and truly understand what Job may have been thinking and feeling, as he dealt with physical, mental and emotional pain.  I also like how Mesu was able to connect Job to members of Jacob & Esau's tribes and create a complex cast of characters while keeping the plot easy to follow.

Love Amid The Ashes is Mesu’s debut novel and I can’t wait to read more of her books in the future.  In the front of the book there is a family tree where the author clearly notes which characters are fictional and at the end of the book, the author includes a note  which describes her research for this story.  For history lovers, this information is helpful and may encourage further reading about the life of these characters.

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How Could Job Explain to His Wife That The Life They Once Knew Was Gone?  
    “No, not my children! El Shaddai, Al-Uzza, by the gods, not my babies!”
    “Come, wife,” said Job with a sudden and unexplained calm. “Only one God can help us.” 
Drawing characters directly from the Bible and others from historical texts, Mesu Andrews, author of Love Amid the Ashes (ISBN: 978-0-8007-3407-7, March 2011, $14.99) weaves new threads into Job’s story, creating a novel that breathes new life into an ancient tale of suffering and redemption. Andrews began her research at Multnomah University and expanded her studies to include rabbinic traditions, giving readers of Love Amid the Ashes a unique understanding of Hebrew customs during Biblical times. 

Most imagine Job sitting on the ash heap, his life in shambles. But how did he get there? What was Job's life like before tragedy struck? What did he think as his world came crashing down around him? And what was life like after God restored his wealth, health, and family?

Andrews tells the story through the eyes of the women in Job’s life. Drawing together the account of Job with those of Esau's tribe and Jacob's daughter Dinah, Love Amid the Ashes breathes life, romance, and passion into the classic biblical story of suffering and steadfast faith.

"Mesu Andrews has skillfully brought the Old Testament story of Job to life in Love Amid the Ashes. You will be moved to tears as the characters reflect the mysterious role suffering plays in our faith. If you enjoy a story that includes a powerful plot, romantic passion, and biblical truth, read this book!" says Carol Kent, speaker and author of Between a Rock and a Grace Place
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Mesu Andrews is an active speaker who has devoted herself to passionate and intense study of Scripture. Harnessing her deep understanding and love for God's Word, Andrews brings the biblical world alive for her readers in this debut novel. She lives in Washington.

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