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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love Me Back To Life


When authors Missy Horsfall and Susan Stevens collaborated on Love Me Back To Life, they had no idea the huge undertaking that the subject matter would require.  In the beginning of the book they admit that if they had known in advance just how complicated and intense it would be – this book may never have been written. 

Although a work of fiction, this is a very raw, emotional story and for some readers it may open up old wounds or dredge up memories that like the main character, they have tried to bury.  This is a story of victimization, betrayal, childhood innocence lost and yet it also reveals that through hard work and the grace of God, victims can overcome their trauma.  Restoration and redemption are woven all throughout this story.

Main character Mallory Carlisle is a victim of sexual abuse.  The secrets, memories and trauma of her childhood that she has kept buried for many years begin to surface and manifest as dysfunction in nearly every area of her life.  Simply put, Mallory is losing control.  

A married woman with two young daughters, Mallory feels the weight of responsibility as she attempts to hold it all together, however she quickly arrives at her breaking point.  Her husband has no knowledge of what his wife has endured and simply feels pushed away and ignored.  With her marriage crumbling, her finances in shambles and her mental health questionable, Mallory has no idea what the future holds for her.

In this book, readers follow Mallory Carlisle’s journey as she seeks out professional help and the process she takes towards healing.  It is intense, emotionally exhausting and hard to read at times. The authors are quick to point out that not all paths to healing will be the same as in this story – some will be longer and more treacherous.  At the end of the book the authors have included a study guide which can be used individually or for study groups. 

This book was provided free for review by Barbour Publishing

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