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Monday, April 11, 2011

Beside Still Waters


Beside Still Waters is the first Amish fiction novel that Tricia Goyer has written, adding a fresh new flavor to her long list of best selling titles.  The idea for this book came from the true story of a family that Tricia met through a friend of her daughter’s.
Main character, Marianna, is the namesake of her deceased sisters (Marilyn and Joanna), whose deaths occurred the same night she was born. Carrying the weight of knowing that her parents constantly compare her to the two daughters they lost, Marianna lives in the shadow of their memory.  Marianna tries hard to be the perfect daughter in hopes that she’ll somehow make up for her parent’s loss.
Almost twenty years later, Marianna’s parents pull the rug from under her when they decide to leave their hometown and head to Montana.  Marianna fights going with her parents and being pulled apart from Aaron Zook, the young man she’s been pining after for a long time.  Just as Aaron takes notice and asks Marianna out on a date, her world is being turned upside down by her parent’s decision.
When the Sommers family arrives in Montana, Marianna is surprised at the beauty of it.  Impressed by the majesty of the mountains around her she also takes note of their English driver Ben Stone.  Little by little Marianna warms to her new surroundings and her new friendship with Ben, which eventually clouds her thinking and causes her to wonder how much she truly loves Aaron. 
Thank goodness Tricia includes a “teaser” chapter for the second book in this series because I ended Beside Still Waters wondering what was going to happen.  

Readers will be happy to know that the second book is in the works! 

This book was provided free for review by B & H Publishers

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