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Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy Dates

Greg Wright, proud father of four daughters, offers insight and wisdom on how he connected with his daughters in his book, Daddy Dates. 

Peeling back the layers of what can often be a complicated relationship, Greg tells dads “girls want you to pay attention when they are talking.”  Simple, yet profound statements like these are all throughout this book.

Greg shares the touching (and sometimes tense) moments of his “dates” with his daughters which evolved from his desire to show his young princesses what they should expect from a man who truly loves them. 

In an effort to help them develop good habits and appropriate behaviors in dating, Greg decided to invest his time and energy into making his daughters feel special.  This book is a journal of sorts of those dates and what Greg learned about his girls.  Greg also learned a lot about himself and his relationships with the women in his life.

This book is perfect for fathers who are looking for inspiration on how to improve their relationships with their daughters.  Greg gives interesting ideas for dates and walks dads through the process of starting the journey.


This book was provided free for review by Book Sneeze

Book Description

Daddy Dates gives the average Joe easy steps to actively and successfully engage with his daughter and raise a confident woman-to-be.

When faced with the reality of raising four (4!) teen daughters, Greg Wright went on a soul quest.

He came back with a mission: Don’t Screw Up.

This funny, insightful, and relatable book poses the wildly original concept that should be a “duh” for most dads—but isn’t: In order to raise a confident woman-to-be, show your daughter what it feels like to be treated with love, respect, and true interest by a man who loves her.

Daddy Dates shows the average father how to actually do that. It is written in an original voice and will appeal to both men and women. It is the kind of action-oriented “how to” material that guys enjoy, and so many others will recommend to other dads.

**This title does not contain the amount of faith-focused content as many other books offered on If you prefer Christian Living titles featuring a large amount of faith-centered content, is probably not the best selection for you. 

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