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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Deepest Waters

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After watching a documentary about the SS Central America, Dan Walsh was inspired to write The Deepest Waters. 

That must have been some documentary because this book was incredible!

The Deepest Waters is a love story that you won’t soon forget; the characters are believable and easy to connect to.  The story takes readers back in time and shows them the sacrifice that true love makes. 

Newlyweds John and Laura Foster are on their honeymoon aboard the steamship SS Vandervere, on their way to surprise John’s family who has no idea he is married.  Having been estranged from his family for sometime, John has only told them he’s coming for a visit. 

When the Vandervere sinks and John and Laura are separated, Laura ends up alone in New York with no husband, no family and no one to turn to.  Although John is supposed dead, Laura keeps hope alive in her heart, too much in love with her husband to easily let him go.  Dan writes so vividly about Laura’s emotions and grief that you can’t help but feel you are right there beside her as she mourns for her beloved John. 

I loved everything about this book.  It has so much packed within its pages from historical fiction and romance to suspense and some action.  I actually enjoyed it more than The Homecoming which was fantastic! 

I find that Dan writes in a manner similar to Nicholas Sparks – his stories capture reader’s emotions and draw them in immediately.  There’s no work involved in reading Dan’s books, they are a journey that you’re glad you’ve taken and you don’t want it to end.  

If you have not had the chance to read any of Dan’s books, I would suggest reading them ALL.  They are that good!  
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