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Friday, April 15, 2011

Get Healthy….For Heaven’s Sake


Lisa Morrone, a physical therapist, has written several books to help readers “restore their temple” and make lifestyle changes to combat health issues.  I found this book interesting in that it combines a lot of information into one easy-to-read book.  The suggestions are simple enough that anyone can incorporate them into their lifestyle.

With over 20 years experience in patient care, Lisa starts by sharing the essential components of wellness that she’s learned.  Lack of sleep, diet, nutrition, posture, brain health and more – Lisa covers a wide range of issues that could be causing health problems for her readers.

With six main wellness areas, readers are sure to find areas that they need to “tune up”.  Making small changes over time, Lisa encourages readers to view this as a journey – not a destination.  All through the book Lisa includes scripture to back up her wellness principles and encourage her readers to honor God with their body.

Lisa has also written a 7-step plan for renewing your health and calls it “A Biblical Blueprint For Restoration”.  You might just be surprised at how different some of these steps are compared to the other health related books on the market. 

One of my favorite descriptions in the book was Lisa’s use of the words “walls” and “gates” in relation to food choices.  Walls keep bad things out and gates allow good things in.  As an example, fruit juice, soft drinks and white refined sugars should have “walls” when you think about them.  Whole grain breads, brown rice and sweet potatoes would be “gates”. 

Simple, yet effective in changing the way you think about food.  Lisa doesn’t write up the usual diet plan as you might expect in a health / nutrition book – instead she shows you some of the choices (good and bad) and tells you why one choice is better than another.
She also includes a chapter on lining up your spine to improve posture, which essentially eases physical pain and helps prevent deterioration.  Pictures are included along with stretches and exercises which make this chapter super easy to follow.  I was amazed at how much physical benefit can come from something as simple as improving your posture.
Overall this is an interesting, informative book and a great read for those wanting to improve their health.

This book was provided free for review by Harvest House Publishers

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