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Monday, April 18, 2011

God's Promises for the American Patriot

With the belief that God’s Word and America’s story are inseparable, Dr. Richard G. Lee and Jack Countryman have put together a beautiful hardcover book full of scripture, quotes and historical facts.
A wonderful gift for the patriot in your life or your own personal library, this book would also be beautiful in a display for those who enjoy “Americana” decor.  This book reads almost like a devotional in that on every page there is a story to go along with scriptures.  You will learn interesting facts such as the origin of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the prayer published by Conrad Hilton (related to the other famous Hilton) in major magazines, William Samuel Johnson’s speech to Columbia University, the history of Sunday school and more.

For anyone who loves facts about our nation’s history, this book is beautifully put together with vintage looking pages, interesting photographs and artwork and is the perfect size for display.

In a time where the voices of our forefathers seem to be quietly fading, this book is a great reminder of the principles and values our nation was founded on.
This book was provided free for review by Book Sneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Product Description

Embark on a journey to understand what God has done for America
and who we are as a nation.
A new wave of American patriots and their fervor for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are reminiscent to that of over 200 years ago. In response, God's Promises® for the American Patriot combines historical facts about our forefathers with promises from God's Word, giving a powerful look at the importance of Biblical values and how they affect the fabric of our constitution. It's both inspiring and educational and is sure to fuel the passion of many Christian patriots across the globe.
Available in both Deluxe Leather Edition and Soft Cover.

Order a copy here

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