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Monday, April 4, 2011

Heart Of Ice (Triple Threat Series)

Known for her fast pace storylines and attention-grabbing characters, Lis Wiehl adds yet another page-turning novel to her Triple Threat Series. 

In Heart of Ice, readers meet Elizabeth Avery a calculated predator, who is also a master manipulator and uses anyone and everyone in her path to accomplish her sinister goals.  Elizabeth covers her tracks well and is able to lure even the most unsuspecting victims into her web with her beauty and charm. No one is off limits to Elizabeth, not even innocent children. 

Readers also meet up again with crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, Federal prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI agent Nicole Hedges – all who have their own personal crisis going on while trying to investigate a string of murders.  The trio teams up yet again to solve a crime and unexpectedly become part of Elizabeth’s ominous plans.  None of them realize they may have their killer right within their reach and they have unknowingly allowed her into their inner social circle, giving her the power to control and manipulate them as well.

For those who appreciate that Lis writes stories practically ripped from the headline news, much of this story is about a character nearly identical to Phillip Markoff, the Boston medical student who was arrested for the “Craigs list” murders.  While I didn’t follow that case closely, much of what I heard on the news and read in the papers seems to be written into this storyline, including his fiancĂ©, the murder locations and the evidence. 

Overall, this is a very clean read for being a crime novel and Lis wrote a  believable story without using profanity or overly graphic forensic descriptions. 

Those with more conservative tastes however may find that this novel has too many sexual innuendos.  While not overly descriptive, readers definitely understand what the author is implying.

This story is chilling and suspenseful and not for anyone who spooks easily.  Fans of mystery and suspense will be elated at Lis’s latest addition to her list of thrillers.

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