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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Over The Edge by Brandilyn Collins

Drawing from her own personal experience with Lyme disease, Brandilyn Collins wrote her latest novel Over The Edge straight from the heart of one who truly understands this horrible disease. 

Giving voice to those who have been suffering without proper diagnosis or treatment, this story will change the way you think about the illness.  Before reading this novel, I had very little knowledge of the complexities of Lyme disease, but I learned so much from this heartbreaking story. 

Over The Edge revolves around Janessa McNeil, a woman who seemingly has it all.   Janessa is married to a handsome, highly respected doctor and they have a 9 year old daughter Lauren.  They live in a beautiful home, near Stanford University and want for little in the physical realm.  By all appearances life is good for the McNeils.  

Life changes in the blink of an eye when a madman enters the McNeil home on a night that Brock is away.  He intentionally infects Janessa with Lyme disease in retaliation for the years of research Brock McNeil, M.D. has focused on to disprove the existence of chronic Lyme disease.  

Janessa finds herself thrust as a pawn into the middle of the “Lyme wars”, fighting for her life.  Unable to convince her husband that she is not faking her symptoms, Janessa wonders if she’ll be correctly diagnosed in time to receive the treatment she so desperately needs.  The disease takes it toll on Janessa, her shaky marriage, and life as she knows it.

This book not only broadened my awareness of Lyme disease, but gave me a newfound compassion for those who are suffering due to misdiagnosis, unsympathetic doctors and the red tape of insurance companies.  It also places awareness on the strain that families and patients goes through when fighting their way through this illness. 

This book releases in May, the same month designated as Lyme Awareness month.  I highly recommend reading Over The Edge!

An advanced review copy of this book was provided free by B & H Publishers

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