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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Road From Home by David Kherdian

Every year on April 24th, Armenians worldwide remember the genocide which took the lives of over one and a half million of their people.  Many Armenians living in America are the descendants of the survivors of this horrible brutality which was finally recognized publicly by the House Foreign Affairs Committee in March 2010.  

At the hands of the Ottoman Empire, over 500,000 Armenians were massacred and millions more were displaced.  Children were orphaned, concentration camps were set up and forced marches were imposed.

The Road From Home is the true story of Vernon Dumehjian Kherdian who survived the massacre.  Written by her son David, Vernon’s story comes to life for readers who learn about her tragic experience as the sole survivor of her family during the genocide.

My heart ached for Vernon and what she and her family had to endure at the hands of the brutal Turkish soldiers.   The book is candid and well written and is a must read for anyone who has Armenian roots.  Perfect for students studying world history too!

Book Description
David Kherdian re-creates his mother's voice in telling the true story of a childhood interrupted by one of the most devastating holocausts of our century. Vernon Dumehjian Kherdian was born into a loving and prosperous family. Then, in the year 1915, the Turkish government began the systematic destruction of its Armenian population.

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