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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heaven Revealed


There are so many questions in life... but few are as universal as: "What is the afterlife like?" For those who have put their hope and trust in Jesus Christ here on earth--Heaven awaits. Addressing questions as basic as What will we do there? and What is it like?, theologian Dr. Paul Enns dives deep into the Scriptures while reflecting on the very personal nature of what is to come. Heaven Revealed is concurrently a helpful, easy-to-read guidebook for Christians as well as an encouragement for those of us who are left here on earth after our loved ones who are Christians pass away. Follow along as Dr. Enns succinctly leads you through what the Bible has to say about Heaven.
In grief, we all need hope--hope for our loved ones who are now gone, and hope for ourselves as eternity looms closer. Heaven should be something to look forward to, not something to be confused about.


“That singular event has changed my life and my thinking.  My thoughts are constantly focused on heaven.  I’m absorbed with the thought of heaven.”

The writing of Heaven Revealed was birthed out of Paul Enns’s grief after unexpectedly losing his beloved bride of 45 years.  With so many questions about what heaven was like, Paul searched book after book hoping to find answers to his many questions. 

I found this book to be interesting but I can’t say that I agree with everything the author wrote.  Ultimately, no one knows for sure what heaven is like until they arrive so the main goal would be to reach that destination!  However, the Bible does give us some glimpses of what eternity looks like for the believer and that hope of heaven is what keeps us motivated to “press towards the mark”. (Phillipians 3:14)

The author’s speculations include that believers in Heaven will retain their ethnic identities, some will farm, cultivate orchards, raise lifestock and fish while others may build homes, compose music and play musical instruments. 

While reading this book you need to keep in mind that these are the author’s interpretations of scripture.

The main thing is that Jesus is in heaven and for the believer, this is the ultimate motivation; spending eternity with our Savior.  I did appreciate that at the end of this book, the author writes about salvation and how to be assured that you will spend eternity with Christ.


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I received this book free from Moody Publishers as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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