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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dry As Rain

I shouldn’t have done what I’d done – two wrongs would never make a right – but after being accused of it for so long, at least now the punishment would fit the crime.
Dry As Rain is a very interesting story because it is written from the viewpoint of a husband who makes a huge mistake and then struggles with doing the right thing. 

Technically, he could very well get away with what he’s done because his wife suffers memory loss after a car accident.  Technically, this could be the second chance he’s been waiting for to reconcile with his estranged wife.  But the guilt of his actions is eating him alive and he spends his days walking on eggshells, waiting to see if his wife will eventually remember their life before the accident.

This book is intense, emotional and filled with anticipation but after a few chapters I found myself getting a little impatient with what felt like repeated information.  The first part of the book is so fast paced that it caught me off guard when it started to bog down in the middle – however, the overall story cancels out the glitches in my opinion. 

For those readers who may be surprised at some of Eric’s actions in this book, author Gina Holmes wrote about him exactly as she wanted him portrayed; a lukewarm, nominal Christian who has grown a bit cold in his walk with the Lord.  With an overall theme of honesty, forgiveness and reconciliation, the story is told in a manner which reflects Eric’s weaknesses and struggles and the choices his faces.
Gina Holmes is the bestselling author of Crossing Oceans as well as the founder of Novel Rocket, (formerly Novel Journey).  Also a registered nurse, wife and mother, Gina makes her home in Southern Virginia. You can learn more about her at

From The Back Of The Book:
Behind every broken vow lies a broken heart.....

When Eric and Kyra Yoshida first met, they thought their love would last forever. But like many marriages, theirs has gradually crumbled, one thoughtless comment and misunderstanding at a time, until the ultimate betrayal pushes them beyond reconciliation. Though Eric longs to reunite with Kyra, the only woman he has truly loved, he has no idea how to repair the damage that’s been done.

Then a car accident erases part of Kyra’s memory—including her separation from Eric—and a glimmer of hope rises from the wreckage. Is this a precious opportunity for the fresh start Eric has longed for? Does he even deserve the chance to find forgiveness and win back Kyra’s heart . . . or will the truth blow up in his face, shattering their last hope for happiness? A richly engaging story of betrayal and redemption, Dry as Rain illuminates with striking emotional intensity the surprising truth of what it means to forgive.

Read the first chapter:
“Holmes grabs the reader with a unique storyline about infidelity and what it truly means to forgive after betrayal. By looking at the situation from a different angle, the author provides a great deal of food for thought and contemplation.”                                            RT Book Reviews – September, 2011

About the Author:
In 1998, Gina Holmes began her career penning articles and short stories. In 2005 she founded the influential literary blog, Novel Journey. She holds degrees in science and nursing and currently resides with her husband and children in Southern Virginia. Her debut novel, Crossing Oceans released April/May 2010 with Tyndale House Publishers.

To learn more about her, visit: or

This book was provided free for review by Tyndale House Publishers

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