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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nobody's Child

"A blister pack of pills in one hand, she fingered the foil, pressing its malleable silver down on the hard bump below.  The pink magic beneath her fingertip would soon transform her body in remarkable ways that could save this home.  A daily pill that enabled her womanhood to put crucial money on the table, if only for a time."
                                                    ~ Nobody's Child

Wow - was I blown away when I read this book by Austin Boyd.  If you're in a reading slump and are looking for some interesting Christian fiction - I highly suggest you get your hands on Nobody's Child. 

(You can read a sample chapter here )

First in the new "The Pandora Files" series, this book is about a young woman who faces one of the most conflicting decisions of her life in an attempt to save her dying father and their home.  Although Lauren Ann McGehee is a woman of faith and strong convictions, she finds herself desperate and backed into a corner with very few options.  

From there an emotional story of sacrifice, shame, secrets and heartache transpires and I found myself completely immersed in this book.   It was definitely one of the best "page turners" I've read this summer and I will definitely look for more titles by this author.  

You can go here to see the book trailer and watch an interview with the author.

From the Publisher:

For Laura Ann McGehee, her body represents the one remaining financial resource that can save the family farm. For Sophia McQuistion, Laura Ann’s unusual sacrifice fulfills her own dream of having a child. Weaving together bioethics and faith in a heart-rending tale of love lost and loves found, Nobody’s Child dramatizes the ethical question we can no longer ignore in medicine: Just because we can do something … should we?

Austin Boyd’s vivid writing plunges you into Appalachia with such descriptive realism that you taste the perfume of summer clover and melt into the tender heart of a young woman who would sacrifice anything for Daddy.

Hearkening to the myth of Pandora’s Box, Nobody’s Child sweeps you into a world where unprecedented choices never intended by heaven lead to unintended consequences never before seen on earth.


Laura Ann McGehee—Determined to honor her father’s dying request, the young West Virginia woman will do whatever it takes to save the family farm, including using the one remaining financial resource she has—her body.

Sophia McQuistion—Thanks to the unusual sacrifice of a woman she has never met, she carries the child she could never conceive.

Ian Stewart—In Laura’s time of need, he’s more than just a close friend. He is a source of grace, a man who loves Laura Ann through her many trials.

When unusual circumstances place Sophia’s baby in Laura Ann’s care, Laura Ann is now the virgin mother of her own biological son. The media call him “Nobody’s Child.” But somebody wants him badly enough to steal him.

Weaving together bioethics and faith, Nobody’s Child dramatizes a future that is already upon us with consequences we can no longer avoid.

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Austin Boyd said...

Thank you for your strong review of my novel. I am always pleased to learn that the story has impacted readers in a positive way. Some readers want a faster-paced novel, which I've written in the past. Other readers want a story with character depth and descriptive realism, which this novel certainly is. Thanks again for reviewing "Nobody's Child." More books are coming soon!

Austin Boyd