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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where Has Oprah Taken Us?

"Oprah Winfrey may very well be leading millions into a hodge-podge spirituality that will fail them in the time of trouble, that will not answer their soul's need and will ultimately prove false, both as a matter of genuine experience and as a matter of eternal truth."
                                               page 207 - Where Has Oprah Taken Us?

Cafe Lily's Review:
Loyal Oprah followers will not enjoy this book. 

I am neither a fan nor a follower of Oprah, but reviewed this book because I was curious as to how she has obtained so much power and sway over the general public.  The book is easy to read and mildly interesting; there's a lot of background on Oprah's childhood and rise to fame.  Prior to reading this book, I hadn't given much thought to just how far Oprah has strayed from her spiritual roots. 

Nor did I think too much about how much New Age beliefs and practices have become her foundation.  When I read that Oprah actively "channels" spirits, especially those she calls her ancestors, I admit - I was a little surprised.  She does this while claiming to be a Christian.  She seems very confused in her beliefs because she has muddied the waters of her mind with so many different teachings.  Several of the New Age teachers that she follows, say different things.   Who is right?  

It seems like Oprah picks and chooses what she likes best and has made up her own religion.   Reading this book made me thankful that I am NOT one of Oprah's "sheep-les".  [ Followers...those with no cognitive abilities of their own, poor discernment.]

I think she has a good heart and wants to help others, but she is one majorly confused woman!

This book was provided free for review through Book Sneeze

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