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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Along Wooded Paths

Along Wooded Paths continues the story of Marianna Sommer, whom we first met in Beside Still Waters.  

This is the second book in the new Amish series by Tricia Goyer.  Although not necessary, I would highly recommend reading these books in order so that you get all of the background on the Sommer family and why Marianna and her family have moved to Montana.

Marianna, who is the namesake of her deceased sisters (Marilyn and Joanna), still lives in the shadow of their deaths which occurred the same night she was born.   Although time is slowly healing the family wounds, Marianna still carries the weight of knowing that her parents constantly compare her to the two daughters they lost. 

Just as Marianna was beginning her rumspringa and finally got the attention of Aaron Zook, her parents uprooted themselves and moved to Montana.   Now, just as Marianna has begun to settle in with a job she loves and adjust to life in the beautiful Montana mountains, her heart is being drawn to Ben Stone, an Englischer who sometimes drives for her family.

Marianna’s life is turned completely upside down when Aaron Zook makes an unexpected appearance in Montana.  Marianna is confused and feels pulled in opposite directions; part of her heart is drawn to the Amish man she pined years for and the other part of her is drawn to a man she cannot have, if she is baptized in the Amish church.

Marianna faces a very difficult choice that will affect her and everyone who loves her.  Tricia Goyer does a great job with this second book and I highly recommend it for those who enjoy Amish fiction.

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