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Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyond Boundaries

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever been (or felt) betrayed in a relationship. Author Dr. John Townsend is also known for his work on the original Boundaries book.

Whenever someone is hurt or betrayed in a relationship, their human nature is to immediately withdraw and avoid the source of pain. In this new book, Dr. Townsend shows readers that they were created by God to connect and relate in meaningful relationships. Although protecting ourselves is “safe”, it’s not the best way to live and this book stresses the importance of taking the risk to reach out and become close to other people.

However, not everyone we come in contact with may be ready for a relationship with us. Dr. Townsend writes about the importance of the impact that others have on us and how to discern if someone is genuine in their intentions. This book will help you learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable risks, why a simple change in behavior is not always enough, and how to determine if a relationship is worth going "beyond the boundaries".  There is a brief review on what healthy boundaries are and how to set them.

Chapter 8 deals with grief and is a must read for anyone dealing with a loss. This chapter touches on the benefits of healthy grieving and the six components for grieving a lost relationship.

This book also addresses what to do if you find yourself relapsing and falling into old destructive relationship patterns. Teaching yourself to be attracted to health and character is a huge key in having a great relationship.

For those looking to improve their relationship skills or help in dealing with a toxic relationship, this book is a great resource to have.

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