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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lethal Remedy

Lethal Remedy, 4th book in the Prescription For Trouble series, takes readers on another wild and crazy ride this time into the world of shady pharmaceuticals and money-making schemes. Dr. Sara Miles and her colleague Dr. Rip Pearson, are ecstatic when a new experimental antibiotic appears to be working on one of their patients who is sick with “The Killer”, Staph Luciferus.

Their excitement quickly turns to dread when they realize that Dr. Jack Ingersoll, (Sara’s ex-husband) is manipulating data to get this drug quickly pushed through the FDA. And just when they think the drug is helping their patients, several end up having severe side effects after taking EpAm848.

All of this leads to a ton of suspense and action, as Sara and Rip try to find out what is going on behind the scenes. If you are into riveting medical drama with plenty of twists and turns, you will love Richard Mabry’s books.

Medical Error was the first book of Dr. Mabry’s that I read and I quickly added him to my list of favorite authors. If you enjoy medical drama, make sure you get your hands on these books.

Richard Mabry is a fantastic author, and doesn’t “dumb down” his medical fiction. Even though he’s a retired M.D. with a wealth of knowledge, I once read that he still researches the medical aspects of each scene he writes. He uses accurate terms and graphic descriptions, which make his stories authentic and “ripped from the headlines” fresh.

His books are very easy to relate to and the characters are always very real and vulnerable. His love of medicine and writing are very obvious in his work and I am always elated to get my hands on a new book by this author.

Thanks Dr. Mabry for an Advanced Review Copy of this book!

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