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Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Men Hate Going To Church

David Murrow makes some interesting points in his book Why Men Hate Going To Church.  

I’m sure that he has possibly irritated many readers with his suggestions that the overall “feminization” of the church has contributed to a mass exodus of men. But whether you agree or disagree with Murrow’s book, you cannot deny the proof that men are attending church less and less.

While we may not all agree on the why – it certainly is an issue. The author writes that “the missing men are looking for adventure, risk, independence and reward. If they can’t find these things in church, they’ll look elsewhere.”    [P. 33]

Murrow includes charts, graphs and statistics to back up his theories and also attempts to show proof that the church body pursues, ministers to and reaches more women then men which continues to widen the gender gap. In Chapter 18, Murrow makes suggestions as to how pastors and leaders can teach men and hold their interest. He shares some ideas that include being prepared, having great stories, using object lessons and visuals along with keeping it short and using humor. He also suggests that most church jobs require verbal and relationship skills that many men do not possess, so they often feel out of place and awkward in the local church.

Not everyone will agree with Murrow’s findings and ideas but he does bring up interesting points. I don’t know that the solutions he offers in this book will work for every church, pastor, or leader but for those who are concerned about the gender gap in their church, this book might be worth a read.

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