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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pieces of Light by Julie Cave

For those of us who have been anxiously awaiting the last book in Julie Cave’s “Dinah Harris Mystery” trilogy, the wait is over!   If you missed my review of the first two books, you can read those by clicking these links:

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Book Two: The Shadowed Mind

Pieces of Light is the third and (sadly) final book in this series and delivers up just what Julie Cave’s fans have come to expect from her writing: spine-tingling suspense and non stop action!  I find myself quickly hooked by Julie’s books which is interesting, because I tend to not enjoy mystery and suspense! Which goes to show you that if you tend to dislike a particular genre, it may just be that you haven't found the right author for your interests.

Pieces of Light  picks up where we last left former FBI agent, Dinah Harris, who is operating her new consulting firm.  Dinah’s newest challenge involves consulting on a case where she helps her former FBI partner David Ferguson and Special Agent Aaron Sinclair attempt to track down who is responsible for recent church bombings. Though Dinah’s head tells her to keep things with Agent Sinclair on a professional level, her heart stirs whenever he’s around.  But Dinah’s heart and head are at war due to her less than stellar past and the demons that continue to haunt her.

I would strongly suggest reading this series in order because the first two books give a lot of background about Dinah, which helps complete the story of her life in this final book.  One of the things that makes Julie unique as an author, is her ability to weave a strong Christian message of apologetics and creationism throughout her books while maintaining a riveting plot.  Ken Ham endorses her as one of his favorite Christian Fiction authors and that’s HUGE for someone who doesn’t normally endorse fiction.

Overall, I still think that The Shadowed Mind was my favorite book in this series but I would highly recommend these books to anyone wanting a CLEAN read that contains exciting suspense and mystery.

Disclosure of Material Connection:

I received this book free from Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis described The Shadowed Mind (book two) as “another nail-biting mystery with an incredibly powerful message about God’s authoritative Word.”
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