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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Thing Of Ours

Book Description:

The poignant story of a young woman married to a powerful mobster.

Small-town girl Cammy Franzese didn’t plan to marry one of the most powerful mob bosses in the country. She didn’t expect to raise her children alone while Michael served hard time. And she certainly didn’t anticipate what would happen when he finally made the stunning decision to turn his back on “the life” and become a devout Christian. Now Cammy shares the details of her painful and joyful journey, including:

--How, as a Christian, she met and married Michael when he was an unbeliever and a high-profile mobster

--The high life she lived in their first year of marriage when she had more money than she knew what to do with

--What it was like being under law-enforcement scrutiny, dealing with death threats, harassment from the FBI, and having to move several times to protect their family

--How she stayed faithful to Michael and raised their children on her own while he was locked up for eight years

Readers will learn why Cammy stayed in a marriage loaded with so much heartache and struggle. With painful honesty, she speaks about restoration, miracles, and the confidence we can have knowing God prepares us for the challenges and obstacles we will one day have to face.

Cafe Lily's Review:

In 1992, Camille (Cammy) Franzese finally realized that what she suspected for many years was true: her husband was a mobster.   As she was arrested at her home and forced to spend a night in jail, she became depressed and angry.  Her fairytale life was crashing down around her.   After "looking the other way" for many years and denying the obvious, Cammy couldn't ignore any longer that her husband Michael was involved in mafia activity. 

As I read this story, I found myself questioning (as many of her friends, family and acquaintences) - how could she NOT know?  The fancy homes, five-star restaurants, expensive cars and endless flow of money should have tipped her off from the start.  Cammy writes that although she and Michael spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other while dating, that she didn't ask him a lot of personal questions.  I often wondered while reading this story if she would have married him, having known all of the facts up front.  For the most part this was an interesting story but very chaotic and depressing at times.  It was sad to read just how much time Cammy spent alone, raising her children while Michael did time in prison.   Thankfully, by the time Michael was finally released, he and Cammy had accepted Christ and began to learn how to trust God to take them through a very uncertain future.

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