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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Perfect Word

This book both inspired and encouraged me.  It was very timely and most of the time while reading, I felt like Debbie was talking right to *me*.   Her conversational tone in this book makes it very easy to read and I really enjoyed the personal examples she shared.  She is very open in this book about some of her struggles, including her weight and her marriage.  I appreciated her vulnerability and transparency very much, because reading how God brought her through those hard times ministered to me.

One Perfect Word is about Debbie's practice of choosing one word from the Bible to focus on and dissect for each year.  This idea was born from the breakfast group that Debbie attended for over twenty years.  These ladies each adopted this practice and this book is about the powerful impact that those *one* words have had on their lives.

Debbie shows readers how to quietly pray and "listen" for their perfect word, and how to go about choosing it.  Debbie wrote that sometimes the word chooses us.   Is there a word that keeps showing up over and over in  your daily life?  In articles - devotions - blogs?  If so, that might just be your word for the year that God would have you focus on.  Once you find your word, this book will take you through the steps of exploring it and discovering life lessons all stemming from *one* perfect word.

Debbie's words have changed over the years.  Surrender, hope, prayer, trust.....these words and more transformed Debbie's life and as she looks back over her prayer journals, she can clearly see God at work.   You may not know at first why you feel led to study a particular word but down the road, the purpose becomes clear.

I love this idea of choosing a word and even as I was thinking about adopting this practice for myself for 2012, my word jumped out at me.   I had struggled with finding it as I was reading the book and begin to feel pressured as the time grew closer to 2012.   I didn't want to start the new year and NOT have my word but I knew this couldn't be rushed.    Sure enough, on the very first day of the year, my word jumped out at me while reading a bible verse and I knew in my heart, that was the word I was to cling to this year.

I highly recommend starting the year off with this book.  Debbie makes it fun by offering not only spiritual applications, but very practical applications as well, such as projects you can do with your word. 

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I received this book free from Howard Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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