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Monday, October 1, 2012

What A Difference A Mom Makes

About The Book:

Boys will be boys--always.

And no one has a more powerful impact on them than you, Mom.

Surprise! Your boy wants to please you, and he cares deeply about what you think. Those driving needs will stay with him throughout his lifetime. That gives you, Mom, a lot of influence over your son. You can set him up for success in life.

In What a Difference a Mom Makes, the New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman reveals how you can make a positive imprint on your son--from the moment you first hold him in your arms until the moment he leaves for college. And the best news? It's never too late to start, no matter what age your son is now.

Through Dr. Leman's expert advice, you'll understand who your son is on the inside, the truth behind sibling squabbles (and how to handle them), a secret for discipline that works every time, and how to navigate the critical teen years. You'll also discover how your parenting style impacts your relationship with your son and how you can respond in a healthy way to his growing interest in sex and relationships.

Want to capture your boy's heart? Want a man you'll be proud to call your son? You can make a difference, because you are the one who matters most in your boy's world.
Even if he won't admit it.

Cafe Lily's Review:

Another great book by Keven Leman!  I have learned something valuable from every book I've read, that has been written by Dr Leman.  This book was no different, and I think every mom who is raising a son, should have this book.

Different ages and stages are covered, and especially insightful for me, was the sections dealing with teenage boys.   Dr Leman is a straight shooter, and doesn't shy away from the topics of sex and "boy" hormones.  I also liked that he explains WHY boys are so noisy, so gruff and completely annoying at times.  He also stresses the importance of allowing boys to be boys, and not trying to change their behaviors or over "feminize" them.   Dr Leman explains how a son's relationship with his mother impacts his future relationships, including marriage.  I definitely took notice of the points in this book and hope I can apply them with my son.

I laughed several times reading this, and highly recommend it.

Available September 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

I received this book free from Revell. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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