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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Choices Of The Heart

In many ways, this story reminded me of “Christy”, with the long history of family feuds, and a refined young woman going to help the mountain people.

Esther Cherrett is running from her past (and her title of midwife), and jumps at the opportunity to teach deep in the mountains of Virginia. Raised as a pastor’s daughter, Esther’s unintentional behavior has brought trouble and shame to her family. While settling into her new position, Esther finds that she can’t outrun the memories that haunt her. She also finds herself tempted to run again, when she’s confused by her feelings between two cousins who are both determined to win her heart.

Choices of the Heart was an interesting read, but at times I found  myself wanting to shake Esther for the way she seemed to flip flop  between the two men, vying for her attention. Unfortunately her  flirting ends up giving her a reputation that she can't seem to live  down, and is the reason she is running away from home in the first  place.   Esther was a sweet, but frustrating character for me.  One minute she acts like she has no idea why men are attracted to her and the next, she's using some of her feminine wiles to try and persuade them.

She wasn't  exactly believable in this story and I found myself skipping some pages, to get to the heart of the plot. She was so childish at times in her reactions and attitude, that it made it hard for me to picture her as a teacher or a midwife. 

Third title in The Midwives series, this book transports readers back to the 1840’s, right into the middle of the heated family feuds taking place in the Virginia mountains. If you love historical fiction, I highly encourage you to read this series.


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