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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hidden Mercies

Hidden Mercies is the follow up book to An Uncommon Grace, however it reads very well as a stand alone novel.  For those who enjoy Amish fiction, this book also provides great background on various Amish orders and explains the differences, while incorporating the information naturally into the story.  And although you typically would not see a Marine helicopter pilot living amongst the Amish people, the author also weaves this effortlessly into the story and it feels completely right.  I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

At seventeen, Tom Miller smashed his car into a tree, killing his brother only four hours before he was scheduled to marry Claire  Shetler. Unable to live with his father's bottomless grief and anger, Tom left the Amish church, ran away, and joined the Marines.  Twenty-seven years later, Tom returns to Mt. Hope, Ohio, a wounded,  decorated Marine helicopter pilot, and rents an apartment over  Claire's workshop. A widowed Amish midwife, Claire is struggling to  support her family, and despite her unresolved anger toward Tom, she sees the money as a Godsend.  She never dreams that she will end up  falling in love with a battle-scarred soldier.  As Claire and Tom fight their way through the traumas of the past,  they discover the tender mercies God has hidden along the way-one of  which is a loving father who has been praying for his prodigal son to come home.

I received a free copy of  this book in exchange for an honest review.

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