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Monday, April 22, 2013

Rescuing Hope


This book was very hard to read. 

I expected it to be rough, but when I saw the "warning" in the front of the book regarding content, I knew it would be tough to stomach. I would caution sensitive or conservative readers, that there are graphic descriptions and language in this book. Compared to what these young women go through in real life, on the streets, it is probably very mild. 

Please do not allow your pre-teen or teenage daughters to read this, without reading it first. 

Due to the content, I would not personally share this with my teen. The story is heartbreaking and not something I would normally share, however it does cast light on just how quickly and easily a young woman can slip into the hellish world of sex trafficking. 

I was very glad to see resources listed in the back of the book, for organizations who help these young women escape.


Every two minutes, evil strips innocence from a child and sells her into slavery for sex. Not in a third-world country, but in the United States of America. Before you take another breath, the next victim will be tricked or taken from her family by a profit-hungry criminal.

She could be a neighbor. A friend.Your sister. Your daughter. You.

At fourteen, Hope Ellis is the all-American girl with a good life—until the day she tries to help her mom with their cross-town move by supervising the movers. When they finish, one of the men returns to the house and rapes her. Held silent by his threats, darkness begins to engulf her. But the rape proves to be the least of Hope’s troubles. In a gasping attempt at normalcy, she succumbs to the attention of a smooth-talking man on the subway. He promises acceptance. He declares his love. He lures her out from under the shelter of her suburban life.

Hope’s disappearance sets a community in motion. She’s one of their own. They determine to find Hope, whatever the cost, before she’s lost forever.

Will you?

1 comment:

Susan Norris said...

Thank you so much for sharing your platform with Hope today. I appreciate your willingness to take the plunge and read a book on a difficult subject matter. I know it's hard to stomach and even harder to talk about; however, to avoid it would be playing into the perpetrators hand. We have to shine a light on this kind of evil and call it out for what it is. We have to alert our children to these dangers and raise our voices for them to demand tougher laws against the perpetrators and better services for the victims.
Thank you so much for helping me sound the alarm today.
Susan Norris