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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Christian Parenting Handbook

With advice on parenting coming from several angles, what do you listen to and what do you ignore?

Develop your own biblical philosophy of parenting and use it to filter the many ideas that come your way.

In this book you ll learn how to:

Identify character qualities to address problems
Build internal motivation
Transfer responsibility for change to the child
Teach kids to be solvers instead of whiners
Use creativity to teach your kids spiritual truths
Avoid the boxing ring Envision a positive future And much more!

With these strategies you ll be able to move from behavior modification to a heart-based approach to parenting.Instead of relying on rewards, incentives, threats, and punishment, you ll learn how to identify heart lessons to teach your child "and" implement them in practical ways. "The Christian Parenting Handbook" by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, compiles fifty parenting principles that use heart-based strategies to teach you how to face daily challenges. When parents focus on the heart, kids learn to ask different questions about life. Instead of asking, What s in it for me? they learn to ask, What s the "right" thing to do? You ll soon see how a heart-based approach to parenting looks deeper and brings about greater, lasting change. The daily interaction you have with your children can impact them for the rest of their lives. With these fifty heart-based strategies, you ll develop your own biblical philosophy of parenting and gain perspective, greater motivation, and confidence that you re moving in the right direction. As you envision a positive future for your children, they ll experience hope and direction and you will too. Start applying these principles today!

 Cafe Lily's Review:

As parents, it can be hard sometimes to balance being your child's friend, and being their parent.  This book offers advice on how to do just that. According to the authors, its never too late to begin a "heart-based" approach to parenting.  The ideas and tips in this book are practical and applicable, and the book is easy to read - perfect for busy parents. I appreciated that the authors incorporate scripture into their advice, and offer hope for those who are struggling with parenting.

(And yes, spanking IS addressed in this book, in case you were wondering, however the authors approach it very sensibly and may surprise you with their take on it! ) 

The overall theme of this book is that the goal of discipline is a changed heart. I like that the book offers ways to connect with your child and build a relationship, while maintaining your godly role as parent in their life.


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