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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Offering


The Offering is probably one of the most riveting, powerful books I have read in awhile.

This book explores the subject of surrogacy and focuses on a military wife, desperate to contribute to her family's finances. I did not know much about gestational carriers and this book provided interesting facts and information, which was incorporated naturally into the story. I was hooked!

What starts out as a generous sacrifice, turns into a major tangled web, when Amanda Lisandra sees a photo two years later of the child she carried. He looks so much like her husband and the daughter they have, that she wonders if she actually gave her own child away. This story explores not only the ethics of gestational carriers, but also the emotional, moral, mental and physical aspects of such a sensitive topic.

I loved it and can't recommend it enough. If you are looking for an interesting book, off the beaten path of usual topics in contemporary women's fiction, I suggest you pick this one up.


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