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Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Love Calls

Hannah Gregory is good at many things, but that list doesn’t include following rules. So when she is forced to apply for a job as a telephone switchboard operator to support her two sisters, she knows it won’t be easy. “Hello Girls” must conduct themselves according to strict-and often bewildering-rules. No talking to the other girls. No chatting with callers. No blowing your nose without first raising your hand. And absolutely no consorting with gentlemen while in training. Meanwhile, young lawyer Lincoln Cole finds himself in the unfortunate position of having to enforce the bank’s eviction of the three Gregory girls from their parents’ home. He tries to soften the blow by supporting them in small ways as they settle into another home. But fiery Hannah refuses his overtures and insists on paying back every cent of his charity. When one of Hannah’s friends finds himself on the wrong side of a jail cell, Hannah is forced to look to Lincoln for help. Will it be her chance to return to her dreams of studying law? And could she be falling in love "


 I am a huge fan of historical fiction, especially books that are not only entertaining to read but cause me to learn something new. This book did just that!

The historical focus of this book is on the life of early switchboard operators, which I found both interesting and amusing. The author took her research and developed a story that was humorous and engaging. Hannah Gregory was a delightful character and I admired her for being willing to set her dreams aside and take a job she really didn't want, in order to take care of her family.

 I also enjoyed some of the comical exchanges she had with callers, when she mistakenly connected them to the wrong number. She reminded me of Lucille Ball at times, and I found myself pulling for her all through this story. And of course, the sweet, old fashioned romance that develops in this book just adds to the enjoyment of this story. Another great book by Lorna Seilstad!


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