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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Civil War Stories

More books have been written about Abraham Lincoln than about any other president in United States history. And now, story archeologist Joe Wheeler has gathered—for the first time ever—the most beloved, the most deeply moving stories about Lincoln ever written. In this treasure you will dis­cover who Lincoln really was through stories that bring to life the powerful principles upon which America was founded. This rare and beautiful heirloom collection reveals the servant heart of Presi­dent Lincoln, his dedication to the people who served him, and his homespun humor and wisdom. 

These are the stories that build character and inspire convic­tion in those who read and hear them. Gathered for the very purpose of being passed from generation to generation, these delightful stories will become favor­ites of adults and children alike—as parents and grandparents read them again and again to their children and grandchildren. Collected over a lifetime from old magazines and publications—most pub­lished between the 1880s and the 1950s—these stories tell of the personal life of Lincoln, his tumultuous years during the Civil War, and the impact he had on the people who met him.


This book is an excellent compilation of stories about Abraham Lincoln and is a must have for history buffs. I would strongly encourage home  school families to add this to their library.  These stories are written from various walks of life and points of view, and give deep  insight to the man who became President.  The stories cover various time periods in his life, from his childhood to his death. It also includes high quality black and white photos and illustrations.  A very interesting read, this would make a beautiful gift.



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