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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?


 Daniel and Casey were an unlikely couple back in high school when they came together to write music for a school event. Struggling against their differences, they dated during college, but their relationship never seemed quite right. Yet despite their personal conflict, as songwriters they had undeniable chemistry—and several hit songs. Eventually they went their own ways, both trying to make it in the music world and find true love.

Years later, both Daniel and Casey are at rock bottom, still trying to find success. But when they connect again as old friends, they realize that what they needed was right in front of them all along: each other.

From Thompson Square, a married twosome who knows a little something about what it’s like to overcome years of struggle in the music business and find love, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? is a charming and humorous love story about coming of age, knowing where you belong, and finding the perfect person to share life with.


When I saw that Travis Thrasher was involved with this book, I was excited to review it. I enjoy his books and really expected to like this one, however, I could not get into. I tried several times to pick this up and finish reading it and just could not connect with this story. It was all over the place for me as a reader, and went back and forth so much that I quickly lost interest. I was disappointed that this was not what I expected.


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