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Monday, June 3, 2013

Is College Worth It?


 Book Description 

Explores the answer to a critical question: Should we keep sending our kids to college? The American system of higher education comprises some of the best universities, teachers, and students the world has ever seen. Millions of students around the globe want nothing more in their life than to attend an American university. However, many of America’s colleges and universities today have serious academic, institutional, and other performance problems, and it is quickly approaching a crisis point, if it’s not there already.

Despite some excellent colleges and quality programs at many colleges, too much of higher education is wildly expensive. Students often graduate having learned little, or don’t graduate at all. They are indoctrinated with liberal politics and subjected to all types of non-academic distractions. For these reasons, many students would be better served exploring other educational alternatives.

In Is College Worth It?, William J. Bennett and David Wilezol assess the problems of American higher education at various levels, from runaway costs to inferior academics to poor graduation rates to political indoctrination, and propose serious reforms and alternative methods for improving higher education so that it better serves our students.


Every parent with children, should read this book.  It is eye opening and informative, and just may change the way you look at college for your child's future.  This book gives parents tools to research the best educational path for their children. Readers should take away from this book that a college degree does not guarantee a job in the times we live in, and there are other effective methods in preparing for various careers.  This book was very eye opening and interesting to read.  I highly recommend it.


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