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Saturday, June 8, 2013

When Sorry Isn't Enough

 Relationships are fragile. And whether fractured by a major incident or a minor irritation, the ensuing emotions can often feel insurmountable preventing the relationship from moving forward or the offended from moving on. In order to make things right, something more than "sorry" is needed. #1 New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas have teamed up to deliver this groundbreaking study of how we give and receive apologies.

It's not just a matter of will, but it's a matter of how you say, "I'm sorry" that ultimately makes things right with those you love. This book will help you discover why certain apologies clear the path for emotional healing, reconciliation, and freedom, while others fall desperately short.


This book helps readers learn the difference between an apology and saying I'm sorry.  I didn't really think too much about it until I read this book, but there is a BIG difference.  This book is helpful for any relationship and is very insightful.  Even if you are good at saying "I'm sorry", this book gives great advice on how to approach people, based on personalities and so forth.  Very informational!


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