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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whispers Of A New Dawn

I always enjoy historical fiction about Pearl Harbor and this book was interesting to read. I liked it at first and then the main characters began to get way too "sticky sweet" and sappy for my preferences. It was no longer believable at that point, and ruined the romance part of this story for me.

There were many descriptions of affection that didn't seem to mesh with the time period, and Becky seemed pretty brazen. In my opinion, the author ruined this story.

Becky's Christian (Amish) parents never object to the fact that she is running around with a guy, late into the night, falling asleep in his arms on the beach, etc. (this IS supposed to be the 1940's, so that didn't make sense to me)

Her love interest, Christian Raven, who is supposed to be a believer as well, is CONSTANTLY making comments about her appearance and buys her a two piece bathing suit so he can enjoy her with his eyes.

In chapter 23, Becky is suddenly wearing her father's flying scarf around her neck out of the clear blue. A few pages over, when she is getting dressed for a dance, the author notes that "a flesh colored cream covered the blemishes on her neck".  I was very disappointed and found this completely inappropriate, at what was being suggested.   

Other Christian readers may disagree however, and find this tame by today's standards, but I would not recommend this book based on the lines the author crossed with these characters.


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