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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth.

Handling Your Emotions contends that God has gifted us with emotions since the very beginning--and he did so with very concrete purposes in mind:

(1) so that we can enjoy life,
(2) so we can connect with others,
(3) so we can reflect God's image in us.

But too often, instead of making the best of this gift, our emotions make the worst of us. Though we cannot see, taste, or touch our emotions, we are constantly affected by their forceful presence and the incredible influence they have over us. They can alter how we view our day, other people, and even the major events in our lives. Through our feelings, we have the capacity to enjoy amazing triumphs and deep fulfillment or experience crushing defeat and ruined relationships.

As Dr. Stanley deals with five, key destructive emotions (Fear, Rejection, Guilt, Bitterness, and Despair), he shares four steps to handling our emotions in a healthy manner:

1. developing a healthy relationship with God.
2. examining the thoughts that dominate our lives
3. exchanging our negative thought patterns for positive ones
4. practicing regular and honest prayer

Rather than simply telling readers to "control our emotions," Dr. Charles Stanley gently leads them through biblical truths that give insight into the root causes of negative emotions and guides them on the path to peace and joy. In its pages readers will learn how to become free of the negative emotions that steal their potential, and reclaim the purpose and joy for which God created them.


This book is an excellent resource for learning more about emotions and how to manage negative feelings. Dr. Stanley shares personal experience along with biblical knowledge. He writes about the root of many emotions, and helps readers get to the bottom of what possibly triggers certain responses, feelings, and so on. Readers who struggle with fear, guilt, rejection, bitterness, etc will greatly benefit from reading this book.

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