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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Life With Deth

I was very curious to read David's story, because I was interested in finding out how a hard-core rocker became a Christian.  I'm not a Megadeth fan, and have never listened to their music, however I wanted to know how his fans and band members reacted, what his family thought, and what led him to change his ways.

As it turns out, David didn't cut ties with Megadeth (as I assumed), after returning to his Lutheran faith.

90% of this book is about Megadeth and David's rise to fame with the group. Readers will learn about David's background and interest in music at a young age, and how hard the journey to becoming a rock star was. Personally I was hoping to read more about his actual conversion. He basically says that he came to his faith and belief in God through a process of spiritual awakening. He hit rock bottom and cried out to God as a last resort.

In this book, David mentions being straight-forward with pastors and churches who invite him to come and speak, and states that his testimony is not so much about how the love of Jesus saved him, but how the wide-open doors of recovery are what led him back to the Lord, and his Lutheran roots.

After reading about his addictions and struggles, one part of the book troubled me. David talks about his experience with being chosen as an elder in his church. One of the first elder meetings he attended was at a Mexican restaurant and David says, "these guys put away quite a bit of beer." He goes on to write about it being "cool".

I just wasn't sure what to think when I closed the final pages. Each reader will need to decide for themselves, but this isn't a book I would go out of my way to recommend.


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