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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wounded By God's People

Wounds from Christian swords heal slowly.................. 

Those words leaped off the page at me and grabbed my attention. I had never stopped to think about it that way. If you've been in a church (any church) long enough, chances are, you've been hurt by another person.

While it shouldn't happen, it does, and Christians aren't perfect.

Some accidentally cut you with their sword, while others quite intentionally drive it deep.

Maybe to your face, or behind your back......

Maybe in letters or phone calls.........

Maybe in secret board meetings at the church.............

Maybe on their own blog (or social media), taking subtle jabs at you when they think you aren't paying attention, in order to make themselves feel important and intelligent.   

How sad and self absorbed.  What a testimony and example!  I'm quite sure the heart of God is grieved multiple times over, by His very own children.

So many good Christian people, with gifts to offer, leaving the church with gashes and cuts. Anne Graham Lotz can identify.  The good news is, you don't have to stay in exile, nursing your wounds. God created you for so much more.

This was the first book of Anne's that I have read, and I enjoyed it so much.  She is spot on with so many of her thoughts and observations. 

This book includes some of her own personal experiences with being hurt by other believers.  Every reader will most likely identify with some aspect of this book.  The underlying theme is that how we respond, is the key.  Anne consistently redirects readers back to their relationship with God, encouraging them to seek Him that much more, each time they are wounded.

She asks pointed questions in this book that will challenge you to think and mature, beyond what you might have imagined for yourself.  I know that reading this, caused me to self-reflect and consider my responses to various situations in my life.  I also like that Anne points out the positive that comes from wounds, benefits like deeper compassion for others, refocusing our perspective, increasing discernment and more.
I highly recommend this one!

And if you haven't personally been wounded, I still suggest reading this book to make SURE you aren't the one wounding others!

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