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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes

From the author's website....................

Sometimes love demands the impossible

Jenny Lucas swore she’d never go home again. But life has a way of upending even the best-laid plans. Now, years after she left, she and her five-year-old daughter must return to her sleepy North Carolina town to face the ghosts she left behind.

They welcome her in the form of her oxygen tank-toting grandmother, her stoic and distant father, and David, Isabella’s dad . . . who doesn’t yet know he has a daughter.As Jenny navigates the rough and unknown waters of her new reality, the unforgettable story that unfolds is a testament to the power of love to change everything—to heal old hurts, to bring new beginnings . . . even to overcome the impossible.

Cafe Lily's Review:

Every so often, I pick up a book that causes me to sit in silence for a few moments when I turn the last page.

In my head, as I closed this book, I simply breathed a "wow".

This book was amazing.   I picked it up on a whim, after reading Wings of Glass (another amazing book by Gina!).

The characters in this book are so tangible, I felt like I had met all of them in person by the time the story ended.  I had a lump in my throat most of the way, but could NOT stop reading.  I had to know how it ended. 

As a mother, I could completely relate to all of Jenny's thoughts and feelings - I cannot imagine facing everything she did in this book.  It was overwhelming at times but an emotional, heartfelt, and thought provoking read.

I HIGHLY recommend this one.