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Thursday, November 21, 2013

To Know You

Years ago, Julia Whittaker gave up two daughters for adoption. Now she must find them to try to save the life of her son.

Julia and Matt Whittaker’s son was diagnosed with biliary atresia at birth. Dillon has beaten the odds for thirteen years only to have the odds—and his liver—crash precipitously. The only hope for his survival is a transplant. He can receive a “living liver” transplant but neither his parents, nor various family members and friends, are compatible.

The transplant list is long and Dillon’s time is short. Very short.

He has two chances for a compatible liver: his two older half-sisters, born eighteen months apart and adopted at birth.

But can Julia ask a young woman—someone she surrendered to strangers—to donate a portion of her body to a brother she’s never known? Will either sister even be a match for their half-brother? Will either of them show mercy and courage if they are?

Julia knows she’s probably on a fool’s errand—reaching out to the daughters she abandoned only now that she needs them. But what other choice does she have except to try?


This book was very interesting but at the same time, it felt chaotic and overwhelming. I enjoyed the characters very much, but not the fact that they all had a major crisis going at the same time.

Dysfunction is rampant all through this story and at times, it was hard to keep up with who was dealing with what! I personally felt that the storyline would have been better, if this book was broken up into a couple of books, instead of being crammed into 345 pages.  I wanted to know more about Dillon and some of the other characters, instead of just scratching the surface.

Having said that, the subject matter was emotional and tense and I couldn't help but feel for Julia, who is desperate to save her son. This story touches on so many sensitive topics from transplant needs and organ donors, to adoption, infidelity and more.  There are SO many needs in the lives of these characters, that most every reader can relate to.   I would still recommend this book, even though it wasn't one of my favorite reads this year.


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